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Laceration Haemostatic Clotting Trainer (Square)

Laceration Haemostatic Clotting Trainer (Square)

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This medically accurate part-task trainer is made from medical-grade silicone. Improve trainee skills and confidence under pressure using the Haemostatic Clotting Trainer. The Haemostatic Clotting Trainer range allows users to pack realistic bleeding wounds to practice the vital skill of haemostatic dressing application. Life-cast silicone skin looks and feels real adding realism to improve trainee skill and confidence. These units have the ability to simulate blood flowing from the wound using a pump bottle via tubing. The blood flowing from the wound is stopped when the wound is correctly dressed. Task trainers allow students to train repeatedly in wound packing and haemostatic dressing techniques via a sturdy realistic silicone base with tubing for bleeding capability. This is a Laceration Wound with the blood source controlled via a syringe. It is low-cost but critical training aid for any professional delivering life saving first aid training. Australian designed and manufactured this simulator is a necessity for any Trainers looking for suitable practical training aids – and is guaranteed to add realism to your course delivery!

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